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Wrought Iron Door Stops

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Wrought Iron  Door Stops
Door steps made of wrought iron look very elegant and are very useful. Wrought iron has been in use since long. The iron combined with the elements of the fire to make an individual material whose properties have never been equaled for its ornamental appeal. These are strong and steady and hence are durable. The designs are elite and add a touch of class.

A door stop is the small piece of wrought iron, usually 1 3/8" - 1 1/2" wide, that is attached to the door jambs on both sides and on top of the door. It stops the door from moving any further, and also covers the gap that would otherwise appear between the door and the jambs.

Designs and Finishes of Wrought Iron Door Stops

Wrought iron can be easily be molded into various shapes like that of animals, geometric patterns, floral patterns and any abstract designs, including images of books, cartoons, fruits, specially designed for children room. You can have your door stops in any designs you want to. Though they are attached to the bottom of the door, yet they give a good appearance to the door's look. Decorative wrought iron door stoppers also can be used as bookends which keep your books in an upright position in the shelves.

Be it a simple door stop for a home in the country side or a classy home with modern design in the urban area, wrought iron door stops complement both. With various finishes like brushed nickel, copper finish, brash finish, antique polish, black powder coated etc., they have exquisite craftsmanship. Wrought iron door stops have become very popular with people as they are durable, sturdy, always in fashion and most important of all they are decorative and come in various designs. They can efficiently be used as decorative door stops.

Varieties of Wrought Iron Door Stops

Wrought iron door stops come in lot of varieties. Some of them are as following:

Antique Door Stops

Antique door stoppers forged from wrought iron, carry a special appeal and remind about the days long gone by. The skilled artisans make every piece with special emphasis on the period art. They contribute a quaint charm to any decor. The designs are beautiful and innovative. These are solid, durable, and available in finishes which complement every interior door sets, cover plates and lighting.

Decorative Door Stops

The decorative door stoppers are the special items that will compliment any home décor. These wonderful hand-painted or embossed door stops have their own charm. Each door or floor stop is a gentle refection of your good taste. They come in a wide variety and are available for one's front door and back door.

Wrought Iron  Door Stops Wrought Iron  Door Stop WroughtIron  Door Stops

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