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Wrought Iron Hooks

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Wrought Iron  Hooks
Whether one needs a sleek pot rack hook for a contemporary kitchen set or a towel hook for a rustic bathroom or a designer hook to fit in the living room decor, wrought iron hooks are the perfect choice. These useful handcrafted hooks complement a wide range of homes. These wrought iron hooks are available in a variety of styles and designs, including decorative wall hooks, decorative coat hooks, and forged iron S hooks for hanging pots and pans in kitchen. Mostly, wrought iron hooks are individually forged by hand and come complete with screws for easy installation.
Wrought iron wall hooks are the simplest and most traditional form of hooks, and are endlessly versatile. These decorative hooks can be used as hand towel hooks, or hooks for organizing kitchen utensils. If, installed in the bath, they become bathroom towel hooks or black iron bathrobe hooks and if mounted by the door, these handcrafted iron wall hooks help organize coats, caps, and backpacks. They can also be used for specialized purposes, like curtain hooks for drapery rods at the tops of windows and as gun hooks, to display an antique musket on the wall. Outdoors, they can be linked together to suspend hanging plants or wind chimes from the edge of a porch.

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