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Techniques of Restoration :
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Techniques of Restoration

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The need for restoration is the result of accidents, removal, long neglect and/or improper maintenance. Many wonderful examples of medieval wrought ironwork survive in churches, houses and other buildings throughout the world; it includes huge wrought iron hinges to simply ornamented latches and heavy drop handles. The interest in restoration is the desire to make these beautiful artifact last for a lifetime.

Guidelines for Restoration

As many contemporary and historic works are a combination of wrought and cast iron, and contain many points of attachment, each restoration project is unique. Follow the links and take a guided tour of the Restoration Process.

Off Site Wrought Iron Restoration
It may be possible to carry out minor repairs on site, but for most of the work, wrought iron piece must be dispersed and cleaned so that a full assessment of its structure can be made in the workshop

Wrought Iron Protection
When reassembled, all surfaces should be carefully painted, taking care to include the underside of the ironwork. Thorough protection from the weather is vital for all exterior ironwork
Wrought Iron Reassembly
The original methods of assembly are the only one that will be most visually compatible with the metal work and offer similar performance.
Wrought Iron Cleaning
In the cleaning process, Wrought Iron pieces are sand blasted or shot blasted to remove accumulations of the multiple layers or paint which have usually obscured much of the original detail.
Wrought Iron Repair & Replacement
Due to the fibrous nature of wrought iron it is most important that any weld extends to the full depth of the material, to ensure that all the laminated elements of the original are connecte.
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