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Wrought Iron Baskets

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Wrought Iron Basket
Wrought iron baskets play a beautiful role in overall enhancing the decor of a room, besides serving multitude of uses. These baskets made of high quality wrought iron are beautiful decorative pieces displaying a refined talent, with innovative allure and intricate designs. Reflecting the craftsman's zest for excellence, the wrought iron baskets create a wonderful display on a wall and on the floor.

Uses of Wrought Iron Baskets

Wrought iron baskets can be used in different rooms for different purposes like as follows:

Finishes and Designs

Dedicated to the idea for classic and modern room styles wrought iron baskets carry an elegance of their own. They are available in various shapes and sizes. The standard finish for all is powder-coating. This is better as it can be re-painted to match the color of the home-decor as and when required. Once the basket is powder coated, it can be hand painted with the desired color and left in open air to dry and give a distressed look due to oxidation. Usually the color black is synonymous with wrought iron. But you choose other colors as well. Finishes may vary slightly due to uniqueness of hand paint application technique. Other similar finishes are brushing and hammering, hand rubbed pewter, hand rubbed bronze, copper, gold and brass accents.

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