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Wrought Iron Candle Holders

Available in various styles, finishes and designs, the wrought iron can holders are sure to bring in an aesthetic significance in any room's decor. Check out here the various styles and types of wrought iron candle holders and candle stands. Also you can send online enquiry for wholesale purchase of wrought iron candle holders.
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Wrought iron candle holders are timeless in style and practicality. Beautiful and sensational candles and candle holders add flair to any home decor. Many people believe that a candle lit in ones home pleases the fire element and brings good fortune to the aura of the house. Candle holders, thus, have a spiritual aspect too along with their aesthetic significance. Perhaps that is why wholesale wrought iron candle holders suppliers have in stock a variety of candle stands with different shapes and designs that can be used for whatever purpose one wish to use them.

There are a wide range of candles available with candle manufacturers and suppliers such as tapered candles, pillar, votive, floating, tealites, birthday candles, etc. In accordance to these various types of candles, the wrought iron candle holders manufacturers too make candle stands to hold them properly and securely. Decorative plate candle holders or candle holders shaped like small lamps with shades that add soft light to any room- all types of candle stands can be found. Many beautiful wrought iron cup candle holders are also available to hold votive candles and for floating candles. Wrought iron fancy bowls are also available as candle holders.

Types of Wrought Iron Candle Holders

Wrought Iron Candle Holders Wrought iron candle holders are available in different forms and designs. Sizes of wrought iron candle holders also range from huge free standing candle stands that can be placed in a large room to small, inconspicuous candle holders to be used as decorative items like fireplace mantelpieces.

Free standing candle holders

These types of candle stands are mostly used for dark corners where normal lighting does not always reach. Free standing candle holders can be simple plain stands, or they can come with detailed works of art.

Free Standing Wrought Iron Candle Holder

Wall mounted candle holders

These types of candle stands are generally used for wall decor of smaller rooms including bathrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. Wall mounted candle holders are available with one, two and even more holders. They also come in all styles and finishes to suit every taste.
Wall Mounted Wrought Iron Candle Holder

Chandelier candle holders

Famous by the name of wrought iron candle chandeliers, these candle stands are really lavish home decor items to make a style statement. Chandelier candle holders come in all sizes from small to large with versatile designs to choose from. These candle stands can be single candle holders with a plain design, or they can be huge multiple candle holders that attract everyone's attention when hung over dining table or at any other place.
Chandelier Candle Holder

Table top candle holders

These are the most common types of candle stands that are generally used in almost all homes. However, they are no less beautiful than other types of wrought iron candle holders. They are generally used to provide illumination to a comparatively smaller area by placing them on table tops or such other surfaces. They also come in different forms and designs with single or multiple candle holders.
Table Top Wrought Iron Candle Holder

Each of these wrought iron candle stands add style and elegance to any table setting or home decor style. These candle holders are available in a variety of finishes like, black, antique black, rust etc. with wrought iron candle holders suppliers.

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