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Wrought Iron Spindles

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Wrought Iron Spindles
Whether installing a completely new staircase, remodeling a staircase, or building a new home and designing a new staircase, a wrought iron staircase enhances the beauty of any home and give it an exquisite look. Wrought iron balusters and spindles along with other accessories are the main ingredients of these stairs. Wrought iron spindles were a popular decor option in 1970s and 1980s and they are making a comeback recently. These days, everyone is after wrought iron decor and as such these spindles made of black metal has regained its coveted position. Wrought iron spindles are back in style with a variety of forged, twisted, or machined pickets. The main patterns of wrought iron spindles available in the market include:
» Tuscan hammered spindles;
» Gothic style spindles;
» Forged spindles;
» Scrolled spindles; and
» Twisted spindles.
In fact, many spindles suppliers take custom orders for stair remodeling and new home construction. They make attractive stair features according to the customers' requirements. Most of the people these days want wrought iron balusters with exotic handrails, custom designed box newels and color matched treads. The professional stair builders, stair installers, contractors and DIY homeowners, all place their customized requirements with these spindles manufacturers to get designer wrought iron spindles. As stair remodeling and curved stair work require special attention to detail and stair parts have to be uniquely shaped, wrought iron proves to be the perfect metal due to its ductile nature. The beautifully ornate wrought iron stair rails are not used for stairs only, the spindles can be used to make a beautiful wrought iron balcony too.

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