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Know Wrought Iron

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Wrought iron is more defined by the process than the material. The word wrought helps to outline precisely what wrought iron is…. Wrought means any metal, which is hammered, twisted or bent into shape. Wrought iron has been the material preferred by many artists. There are intricate designs on doorways, fences, and home furnishings. People have used wrought iron for their artwork for over 5000 years.

Wrought iron is tough, malleable, less fusible, and usually has a fibrous structure. Wrought iron is used mostly in ornamental ironwork, such as fences and handrails, because it is welded or painted easily and it rusts very slowly.

Wrought iron is produced directly from ore usually without being melted. The Catalan process, which originated in about 1300 A.D. in Catalonia, Spain, represented a major advance in the manufacturing of wrought iron. The process was used until the late nineteenth century.

If interested in knowing more about the metal, click on the following links, which will take you to down the history of wrought iron to its identification, maintenance and conservation methods.

Wrought Iron Conservation
Wrought iron may be repeatedly recycled and benefits from reworking. Scrap could be bundled, heated until it glows white hot and forged again by hammering into a solid mass to produce an iron of a higher quality.
Wrought Iron History
Wrought Iron has been used in building from the earliest days of civilization and has stood the test of time as a decorative and structural building material.
Wrought Iron Identification
Wrought iron unlike other metals is full of irregularities of the surface, due to being forged by hand, each piece being somewhat different. This is the beauty of the products made from wrought iron.
Wrought Iron Alternatives
The superiority of steel over wrought iron can be found in its strength and consistency, which gives it a much wider range of applications than wrought iron.
Wrought Iron Specification
When acquiring Wrought Iron Work, strict specification should be followed, as there exists a wide incongruity between inferior and good work
Wrought Iron Maintenance
Wrought iron products require more maintenance than other types of metal products. They should be cleaned regularly by soapy water and then dried thoroughly
Wrought Iron Art
Wrought Iron Art can be defined as objects of artistic, decorative, and utilitarian value made of wrought iron and fashioned by casting, hammering, joining, or a combination of these techniques.
The Blacksmith Craft
Blacksmithing dates from the earliest Iron Age, which started about 1500 BC or earlier in Central Asia. Many of the metal working tools and techniques of the blacksmith date from the earlier times of the Bronze Age going back over 5,000 years.
White Wrought Iron
White Wrought iron has been used in building from the earliest days of civilization. Its structural use dates back to the Middle Ages, when bars of wrought iron would be used occasionally to tie masonry arches and domes.
Rustic Wrought Iron
One of the fastest ways to add a dose of interest to a home is to bring in some texture. Rustic furnishings do that with charm and style. Rustic style has all grown up and now borders on sophisticated and trendy.
Ornamental Wrought Iron
For years and years, ornamental iron works have provided a long lasting and unique appearance for a variety of products. Wrought iron products have always been a part of the world heritage.
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