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Wrought Iron Bird Cages

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Wrought Iron Bird Cages
Wrought iron bird cage offers style and sophistication. The word 'enchanting' is not enough to describe the beauty of wrought iron bird cages. Enormously crafted to excellence, they add to the beauty of one's surroundings. Especially crafted to enhance the decor and ambience of a lawn or terrace these bird cages are made of the finest quality wrought iron, possess intricate designs and are sure to last for a very long time.

Why Wrought Iron for Bird Cages?

One of the main reasons for increased demand for wrought iron bird cages compared to other materials like acrylic cages and other metal cages is that not only these cages are beautiful and decorative but they are non toxic and safer than other kinds of bird cages. This is because wrought iron is a purified form of commercial iron. This safety ensures that your bird lives longer.

Wrought iron cages are suitable for both large and small birds. Large birds have special requirements. They need wrought iron cages, which are strong, sturdy, and heavy to withstand the activity and weight of the bird. Since iron is so heavy, many people consider a model, which fits on a stand. It allows the bird owner to choose a larger size cage, which will enhance the life of the bird. They are also perfect for smaller birds, as these small birds which are always in the habit of pecking, won't be able to bite through the wrought iron metal, thus not getting any toxic chemicals into their systems.

Types of Wought Iron Cages

Wrought iron cages are available in various styles depending on the bird that is to be keot there. You will find wrought iron bird cages such as follows:

Wrought Iron Bird Cages: Buying Tips

It is usually recommended to keep the wrought iron bird cages in their natural look and should not be painted as birds will eat away the paint. But in many cases, to give a vibrant look and make it more durable, wrought iron bird cages are given different finishes. Wrought iron parrot cage undergo a paint process, which bonds the paint to the cage to prevent flaking, peeling, or rusting. These cages come with a grate and slide-out tray at the bottom of the cage to catch refuse. The grate and the tray should also be be protected with the paint process finish to prevent rust and assure the safety of the bird. While choosing a wrought iron bird cage, such features have to be looked upon.

The quality of your cage should be the most important factor when you make your selection. Wrought iron cages are always sought after for their high quality, long lasting life, besides being attractive. Wrought iron cage can be used outside. The small sized wrought iron bird cages can be kept hanging in the patio. The larger ones can be kept on a stand or on the floor. While choosing a cage, the size of the bird needs to be considered.

Always be sure that oxidation is not a problem with your particular brand of cage. Keep your wrought iron cage away from chemicals and things like scented candles, perfumes, or other scented chemicals. These chemicals have an effect on the durability of the cage and may be toxic to your bird. The wrought iron rods making the cage should be spaced small enough so that the bird will not hurt itself when trying to escape. Always see that there is enough space in the cage for the bird to sit and move around comfortably. Morever, the bars should be both vertical and horizontal so that the bird can climb up and down easily inside the cage. It is to be noted that wrought iron bird cages are comparatively expensive but it is worth the investment. Always place newspaper lining on the cage's bottom, which can be replaced every day.
Wrought Iron Cages

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