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Wrought Iron Trellis

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Wrought Iron Trellis
A wrought iron trellis plays a pivotal role in making a complete makeover of yoru garden, giving your garden landscape a beautiful dimension and appearance. They are freestanding garden structures that bring beauty and romance to your landscape. They are just perfect for showcasing attractive climbing plants and creepers. A landscape design is never complete without garden ornaments & garden structures such as trellis. Garden designs can be considerably boosted through the use of elegant wrought iron garden trellis. The unique design and solid construction give the garden a lasting imprint on the landscape. An elegant wrought iron trellis gives the garden a touch of old world elegance. Today wrought iron trellis is one of the most widely demanded garden decor.

Styles of Wrought Iron Trellis

Whether one wants the garden design to be classically styled or contemporary, an iron trellis works beautifully. They come in stunning variety of styles and designs to accept any vine or plant, including delicate geometric patterns, organic shapes such as leaves and flowers, or imaginative designs. The appropriate use of wrought iron trellis on delightful garden structures will create stunning focal points that will be admired.

The metal itself provides a natural beauty to the creation. The wrought iron metal oxidizes creating a metallic rustic look if it is left untreated. It can also be given various finishes or painted to render a different textured look that can easily enhance any garden theme. Check out some beautiful designs and styles of wrought iron trellis in our photo gallery on

Wrought Iron Trellis Designs

Wrought Iron Garden Trellis Increased Use in Home & Garden Decor

Usually garden trellis are made of varied types of metal like aluminum, iron, steel, brass, wrought iron etc. Of all these metals, wrought iron is the most widely used metal in making garden trellises. Wrought iron as a metal is a highly durable material and it is a very easily malleable metal s a result of which it can be molded into various shapes and patterns.

Wrought iron trellises can be used to create a vertical garden, providing shade and privacy, and putting the garden plants on show. They divide a garden area into specific niches and divisions and also allow for the growth of luscious climbing and trailing plants. These magnificent garden structures elevate the beauty of the garden to a wider perspective. Besides the garden, we also find increasing usage of iron trellis in interiors as well.

Wrought iron trellises are used in interior decor as well to beautify ordinary walls, patios, entrances and walkways. They can used as elegant partitions in the rooms. The trellis also act as beautiful fense in the patio to create a The look of these garden trellis is further enhanced when they are draped with blossoms and greenery, creating a focal point in your own garden.
Wrought Iron Trellises

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