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This section contains books, magazines, journals and other publications related to wrought iron craft. Although wrought iron handicraft can only be learned under the expert guidance of experienced craftsman, the basics can always be learned form books. They not only introduce us to the craft but also give a glimpse of its origin, history, development and contemporary advancements. This section gives you the opportunity to browse through the innumerable books available for learning and knowing the highly technical wrought iron craft.

Decorative Wrought Ironwork
A Passion for Metal
Enchanted Views
Decorative Wrought

By : Thomas P. Googerty
A Passion For Metal
By : Harvey
Enchanted Views
By : Dilys A. Frcnks

Decorative and Sculptural Ironwork
The Complete Modern Blacksmith
Decorative French Ironwork Designs
Decorative and Sculptural

By : Dona Z. Meilach
The Complete Modern

By : Alexander Weygers
Decorative French
Ironwork Designs

By : Denonvilliers Co.

Ironwork: Dynamic Details
Decorative Antique Ironwork
A Pictorial Encyclopedia of Decorative Ironwork
Ironwork: Dynamic

By : Dona Z. Meilach
Decorative Antique

By : Henry R. d'Allemagne
A Pictorial Encyclopedia
of Decorative Ironwork

By : Otto Hoever

Artisan Welding Projects
Creating Beds and Borders
Art Deco Decorative Ironwork
Artisan Welding

By : Karen Ruth
Creating Beds
& Borders

By : Fine Gardening Editors
Art Deco Decorative

By : Henri Clouzot

Fireplace Accessories
Decorative Iron and Metalwork
Classic French Wrought Iron

By : Dona Z. Meilach
Decorative Iron
& Metalwork

By : Goodwin-Smith
Classic French
Wrought Iron

By : Raymond Lecoq
& Richard J. Wattenmaker

Classic Wrought Ironwork
Wrought Iron and Its Decorative Use
Blacksmithing Projects
Classic Wrought

By : Tunstall Small &
Christopher Woodbridge
Wrought Iron & Its
Decorative Use

By : Maxwell Ayrton &
Arnold Silcock
Blacksmithing Projects
By : Percy W. Blandford

Garden Ornaments
Traditional Garden Decor
The Contemporary Blacksmith
Garden Ornaments
By : Moira Hankinson
Traditional Garden

By : Robin Langley Sommer
The Contemporary

By : Dona Z. Meilach, Daryl
Meier, and Stephen Bondi

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